HALFLAND is committed to bring transformation in the agriculture sector. Quality produce begins with quality cultivation by sustainable practices in each stage. Facilitate the marginal farmers to have ecosystem to increase their market area and increase their productivity. Our service features from distributing native seeds to supply quality products across the globe sustainably.

native seeds

We encourage usage of native seeds which are more resistant to the pest and diseases. These seeds are collected from the indigenous farmer from the native crops and plants. This native seeds are one step towards the organic farming. These seeds could be suitable for the urban farming with minimum maintenance and chemical usage.


We collaborate with wide range of nurseries, The life of a certain seeds starts here, later for budding and grafting are done to maintain the quality of the plant. HALF LAND community diversifies various types of commercial nurseries, indoor, outdoor plantation.

bio composting

We consider bio composting as key ingredients to keep the soil and the plant healthy. High quality bio compost is produced by the community, such as Vermicomposting, Cattle Manure, Bio solution etc. It has very rich nutrients and provides a better ecosystem. The application of it on the soil helps in enhancing the natural supply to the crops and plants.

fresh produce

We nourish, grow and supply the freshly harvested fruits and vegetables which are cultivated in wide range of different type of soil. The produce is cultivated by local farmer near to you. The highest standards used for the quality check of the plant and crops lifecycle. All the produce is free from any processing.

leafy greens

Full of goodness and nutrients produce of leafy greens are cultivated in safe and methodical manner. Large varieties of the produce are grown in convenient environment with great care and quality check. It being one of the main supplements for various vitamins, steps is taken to supply the seasonal produce fresh and clean.


Breeding and raising the livestock for the production of quality milk, meat, egg and honey. The farmer community monitors and maintains the health and condition of livestock to produce quality product. The varieties in the produce vary from region to region. The focus has been to locally supply the product for reducing the carbon foot print.

essential oil

Embraced aromatic plant cultivation across the rain fed region to extract the essential oil from various type of aromatic grass and flowers. Favourable growing region are adopted across the country.Engagement with scientists for best and new technologyto increase the efficiency and production. Purified and stored in scientific manner.


We are growers and supplier of varieties type of flowers. Native flower and foliage products are prioritised based on the demand. Facilitate boutique range of local flowers, orchid and rose growers to the florist, creators, even management and interior designer. Community grows perennial flowering shrub, vine that contains over 100 species and comes in a variety of colours.

tree plantation

Plantation of native and forest wood in large-scale for the timber production and afforestation planning. Urban and rural development sapling plantation and maintenance service across the country. Plan, design and implementation of various types of hardwood and low-value applications for pulp and paper industries.

dry fruits & nuts

Most nutritional human foods are found in nuts. The produce all over the world especially from African countries are supplied to the end user. Agreements with various native growers around the world to supply quality and viable product to the consumer. Dry fruits processing follows decentralize approach to support rural population.

herbs & spices

Exotic herbs and spices of India are grown, cultivated in ambient weather and climate condition. The pure flavour and medicinal plant are grown by the community. Facilitate in providing high quality and trusted herbs and spices of export quality. The intense aroma and flavour combination mixture are produced locally and supplied.


Edible seeds of specified grasses grown and supplied to the milling unit. Facilitate in supplying the process product to the consumer. It is the heart of all the agriculture produce which are used in various type and formation. The extensive grower network participates in growing, supplying quality product as per the requirement and demand.


HALF LAND has access to various ranges of agriculture products due to its strong network with farming community. Premium quality product from fruits vegetables to essential oil can be supplied in bulk quantity regularly. Customized supply of specific product can be agreed upon for continuous supply for long term.

All the transaction will be transparent and direct from the farmer. HALF LAND will facilitate in logistic and quality check of the product.

  • Premium quality.
  • Bulk supply.
  • Continuous supply.
  • Trusted & transparent.


HALF LAND believes in “Know Your Grower”, the farmer community engaged in supplying the produce directly to the consumer. Quality and safety are of the highest priority. Built a greater responsiveness and resilience to connect the producer and consumer. The raw material to the end product are supplied in effective manner.

Quantity can be determined as a group or a cluster to bring the efficiency in supply cost and deliverable methods.

  • Know your grower.
  • Best quality.
  • Local produce.
  • Reduce Cost.
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0+ Farmer Community
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HALF LAND believes in addressing the issues of agriculture sector by focusing on the given three pillars. All the pillars will bring efficiency, transparency and growth.







Popular Products

Our top in-demand products at present.

rosa grass oil

INR 2200 / Kg
  • Quality Essential Oil
  • Bulk Supply
  • Certified
  • Geraniol (50-65%)
  • Geranyl acetate (10-20%)



INR 10-15 / Kg
  • Red Lady
  • Bulk Supply
  • Retail Supply
  • Each size 1-3 Kg
  • Mysore region


cashew nuts

INR 480-550 / Kg
  • LWP
  • Bulk Supply
  • Processed
  • Quality check
  • Supply all over India


Frequently Ask Questions

How to join HALF LAND as farmer?

Connect with us by various channel, you may mail us to info@halfland.co.in

How to buy produced shown in the website?

Please contact us for the specific requirement; we will connect you to the farmer community.

If we want to cultivate a land, how can HALF LAND help?

Our consultant team will coordinate and facilitate any enthusiastic agriculturist. Reach out from various forum, we will assist.

We have farm land, will HALF LAND do contract farming?

Based on the demand our team could look for cultivable land. Feel free to reach out to us.

How is quality check done on the produce?

HALF LAND is committed to have high standards in the quality and deliverable. There will be no compromise on the quality of the product.

Why I am not able to buy product online?

We are committed community to connect the farmer to the consumer. Currently we have not built platform for online payment. We are still raw organic and shall develop as we grow.

Can I send request for more than one product at once?

Yes, any interested buyer could request to connect multiple products. HALF LAND will connect to you with right farmer and people.

How long does it take to delivery?

It depends on the origin of the product. If the product is grown or produced near to you then it should not take more than a day.


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